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Monreal Chim trills: The reality so far, development of dual-purposes, phenothiazine-based disassociative anesthetics and pesticides (MK-801/Ketamine)

Chuck: How did we get there, mind you?

Oracle : we're not interested in the context but straight facts.

Chuck: DNA nanotechnology?

Oracle: Perhaps...

Chuck : i guess you must have a quite limited imagination to hinder yourself in such pityful reality.

Oracle: pityful?

Chuck: does mk801 is "pityful" enough to you ?

Oracle: i asking relevant questions here... you just keep writing dumb things on the wiki hoping to make a little sense in your disconnected reality.

Chuck: Correct. Reality is truely disconnected when one percent cattle the ninety-nine percent others.

Chuck: i feel empathy thinking about their weakness to endure such chemotherapy adducts without their consent or awareness...

Oracle: how did they got so dumb, mind you ?

Chuck: mind you, institutions stinks, they must have been in bed with asexual politicians.