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Your lab entry was very good. The only thing lacking was the stage of embryos when you started the experiment. For your lab report, you'll want to reorganize a little, and pull the methods into a separate section. It was great that you have quantitative measurements, bur for those you should say how many fish you measured. For example, if you measured the length of 3 fish, you would calculate a mean and standard deviation and state that n=3. If you only measured one fish, you would state that you measured a "representative sample". You can make your survival data into a graph. LS

3/6/2015 Great! I'm glad the bacteria that you identified were a good match. Don't forget to add this to your lab report. LS


Vert lab - Good job on researching your animals. Yes, the squirrels are a good example of selective breeding. I'm glad you included invertebrates on your food web, but turn the arrows around so that it shows the vertebrates eating them.

Invert lab - Excellent. Yes, your group predictions are more accurate than those you got with the dichotomous key. Next time maybe we should go through some of the terminology and what it means before you start using the keys. LS

2/15/2015 Your table is beautiful, but we need to work more on plant ID. The Genus of a plant is much more specific than angiosperm, though that is a good place to start. Bryophytes are non-vascularized, so won't have xylem or phloem. I think your fern is in the Division Pteridophyta, and is a Leptosporangiate fern, rather than a lycophyte. It cannot be a dicot; only angiosperms have cotyledons so only they can be monocots or dicots. Try to narrow down what kind of berry bush you have. LS

2/6/2015 Excellent! Your tables are nicely done and your pictures well-labeled. On the serial dilution table, the colonies/mL should be 10^4, etc, not 10^-4. LS

1/30/2015 You did a good job describing the protists and I liked that you included a bit of outside information. The only thing you left out was the serial dilution procedure. LS

1/27/2015 Your map is great, I appreciate the colors. Make sure you add a header that says "Results" above the map and add a couple of sentences describing the transect, and a list of the 5 biotic and 5 abiotic components (you may have 5 of each listed on the map, but add them in text too). LS