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In the methods, you should add the concentration of nicotine that you used. Did you only change/add solution on day 4? What stage were the embryos when you started the experiment? Did all of them hatch by day 7? Your results section does not contain much data. It is good that you have a picture of the fish, but was that experimental or control, and on what day? Were all of the experimental fish shorter, and what were the actual measurements, and what day did you measure them? Ideally you would have measurements from at least 3 fish so you could calculate a mean and standard deviation, and statistically compare the experimental fish to the controls. LS

3/6/2015 For the gel, you should indicate which samples were yours. You adequately explained the results, but you didn't compare them to your description of the colony morphology, cell morphology and gram stain back in lab 3. Since you didn't say which samples you sequenced, I'm not able to look back the table to compare your results. Also, you need references for the species descriptions. LS


Vert lab - Good job on species identification, but you needed to draw out a food web with arrows showing exactly what eats what. Also you need to write more about ecological concepts, like carrying capacity. It is unlikely that vertebrates and inverts have a symbiotic relationship; this would mean that both benefit. The prey doesn't really benefit!

Invert lab - Good job! You covered everything. You should note, like Courtney did, which inverts came from your Berlese funnel and which were from a previous lab's sample. LS

2/15/2015 You needed to do some more thorough identification of your plants- the lab manual asks for the genus. Even if you can't figure out the exact genus, you can figure out the class of plants. For example, if you search for "Genus of lawn grass" you will find sites like this: and be better able to guess at what you have. All of your plants are Angiosperms. Also, you didn't describe a fungus. LS

2/6/2015 Excellent! Your Gram stain and photo looked very nice. In the future note which of the 4 samples you were showing in the photo. LS

1/30/2015 Entry 2 looks great. I'm impressed that you were able to put images in your table! LS

1/27/2015 Good job on your first entry! Don't forget to upload or add a link to your map. LS