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  • Reshma 12:51, 27 April 2007 (EDT): Hi there, welcome to OpenWetWare! I noticed that you seem to be creating quite a few pages but keep switching between names. What are you trying to create pages for? iGEM team generally name their pages in the form iGEM:<Institution>/2007 (like iGEM:Tianjin/2007 or iGEM:Tju/2007 ... though they usually pick one and only use that). If you are a research lab, then the page is named according to the last name of the professor. For example, Smolke and Smolke:Contact Smolke:Lab Members etc. Generally, people try to avoid long page names like TJU Synthetic Biology Faculties and students collabortion research/our team because they can be hard for people to remember and type. Are you a lab, a group or an iGEM team? And what would you like your name to be? Regardless, we're glad to have you on OpenWetWare.