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Helpful Facts About Priapism in Men

Are you suffering from this disorder which is common for all men called Priapism? If so, then you may want to know some information that can help you fully understand about this illness and can help you deal with this situation in an appropriate manner.

To be more realistic, allow me to share some of the factual discovery and result of the study. There was this group of skilled and expert doctors from Johns Hopkins University that conducted a research about matters that are related to Priapism. One of the most significant keys that they have gotten was the result that has been proving PDE5 to treat and can highly put a stop to men’s persistent priapism.

Let it be known that men who are suffering Priapism are most likely to feel discomfort. Why? It is because this kind of illness for men is really a disturbing disorder that affects men’s comfortability. Basically, there are two kinds of priapism that can possibly be experienced by men. These are known as the non-ischemic and ischemic.

Non-ischemic priapism - this typically is due to acquired traumas, nervous breakdown and some psychological aspects. On the other hand, the other type of priapism whick is known as the ischemic - usually occur because of some idiopathic reasons. Such reasons can somehow be drug related cases. It is also good for you to know how frequent this priapism occurs. Generally, this condition hits you either as a remote episode or can even occur repeatedly at numerous intervals, worst tendency is when it keeps occurring almost every day.

The past researches have pertinently make obvious result and recognized that a PDE5 or phosphordiesterase-5 has portrait an important role in the prognosis of priapism. This gives a clearer vision or hint that PDE5 has the indication that may possibly dole out as a molecular objective for treating or preventing the said male disorder.

On the same study wherein patients have been tested, they were under close monitoring system and were being examined in a given period of time (3-11 months). And based on the generated result, it has been found that the pace of occurrence of the disorder or priapism slowly keep on coming down; rarely and becoming occasional. This highly supports the hypothesis of the researchers about the dysregulated PDE5, showing the beneficial result of the treatment.

In relation to this, it would never be easy for an ordinary man to think thoroughly or understand the fact that priapism can be prevented and controlled by some sort of PDE5 inhibitors such as Viagra.