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  • Bill Flanagan ( at MIT) 14:00, 29 April 2009 (EDT) * Thanks for the continued 'material' advice. I'm still working on the changes we've discussed. No population of equipment as a new set of categories or search tags until at least 'Material' has been improved.

I think we can do the same for protocols as well if this gets moving.

Latex Thesis Template

Hi Jakob, Thanks for working on that thesis template, it's a great help to me at the moment. However, I'm running through the same difficulties you seemed to be having with the glossary. You said you'd found a way to deal with it. Could you explain to me how you did it please? Thanks in advance.


Hi, Thanks for your message, although I'm not sure my level is good enough to follow your explanations. I guess I'll just procrastinate a little longer before I seriously try to see how that glossary works. One more question though: the roman numbering starts at the begining of the document (pages i and ii) but simply disappears on the front matter pages (abstract, dedication, acknowledgement) and re-appears on the List of Content (page iii). Any idea how to have the numbers on front matter pages? Thanks in advance. PS: just a little correction, on the Abstract page, \end{abstractlongs} should be \end{abstractslong}

Best, *Louis Drounau 06:31, 25 April 2009 (EDT):

PhDTemplate and chinese characters

Hi, I was wondering whether you had an idea on how I could use chinese characters in the template. I tried several things but it all boils down to using XeLatex which won't work with the template or using inputenc which somehow doesn't seem to be used by the template. Any way around this? Thanks in advance. - Louis

Sorry, no idea. I would ask at on of the latex forums. Jakob 12:45, 27 April 2010 (EDT)

Ok. Although my question was more about the parameters of the template: I found lots of way to use Chinese characters in latex files but they don't seem to work with the template...

PhDTemplate - BibTeX Errors

I found a typo in the Template: when wanting to create the bibliography i always got a bibtex error (bibtex finished with exit code 2) - until i found out that the line "\bibliographystyle{Latex/Classes/PhDbiblio-url2}" actually links to a file that does not exist - at least not named like that. But there is a CUEDbiblio-url2 - and after renaming that it worked. Same for the other PhDbiblio-xy.

Afterwards i got the error "package natbib error: Bibliography not compatible with author-year citations" - which can be solved by editing the Latex/Classes/PhDthesisPSnPDF.cls - line "\usepackage[round, sort, numbers, authoryear ]{natbib}" - deleting the authoryear got it working.

Just wanted to let you know. And thanks for that template. Saves me a lot of time. Matthias

  • Excellent. Thanks, for fixing those bugs. Have you considered uploading a new version with your fixes. I'm sure the community would appreciate it. JS


Hey Jakob. Another year, another thesis and apparently I just can't do without this template! Now, I've found a new dilemma for you: I'm asked to write in French this time and I need to make a few adjustments to the template. In the chapters, I'm keeping it easy by write \'e instead of é, for example, and it works fine. But I also need to change the structure, words like "glossary" or parts like "a thesis submitted...". I found where to do that (PhDthesisPSnPDF.cls) but as soon as I get an accent in there, the whole thing stops working. Any thoughts? Louis

  • I'm sorry I don't. If I were in your situation I would post for help in the LaTeX forums where the real geeks are to be found, not some light weight, somewhat expert users like me. --- JS 09:11, 22 September 2011 (EDT)

Exporting a .bib file from Papers

Hello Jakob, Thanks for the PhD template that you uploaded. Being new to LaTeX, I don't know if it is possible to use a .bib library file exported from a PDF organizer program called Papers (by Mekentosj). Have you encountered this before? I tried replacing the contents of the references.bib file you had in your template with those exported from Papers. I changed the citations and all but the changes don't reflect in the References page. Thanks a lot and any help would be greatly appreciated! Angelo Porciuncula SPAIN

  • Hi Angelo, this should be possible. I, personally, haven't used Papers this way but I'm aware of the BibTex export function. Instead I used BibDesk since Papers wasn't sufficiently well developed at this point. So, unfortunately, I can only tell you that it should work in principle. You would need to exchange the .bib file and the references to the bib file in the text itself. Then, after re-compilation, you should see the changes. Sorry, don't have time to go into more detail. Ask friends from computer sciences or physics at your uni. Saludos, --- JS 09:29, 22 September 2011 (EDT)