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3/21/2015 Your zebrafis entry is a little brief. In the methods, what was the concentration of rhodamine that you used? What stage were the embryos when you started? On day 4, did you keep track of how many embryos had hatched? Numbers are always better! It is fine if you did not see differences between the experimental fish and the controls, but you need to provide at least some quantitative data. Did you measure the length of the day 7 fish that you preserved? Ideally you would be able to say something like "Three fish from each group were measured. The mean length of the control fish was 1.0± .3 mm and the length of the experimental fish was 1.1 ± .4 mm, which was not statistically different." You need more details rather than generalizations. LS

3/6/2015 You need a little more information about your identified species. Are they tetracycline resistant, and did the colony morphology and cell shape of the identified species match what you found? LS


Vert lab - Good job on identification and thinking about interactions. I'm glad you included bacteria and inverts in your food web, but include the birds and toad too!

Invert lab - Great! The planaria photo is so cute. LS

2/15/2015 This is very good. For the lab report I would like Genus names for at least the cat tail and the flowering plant. It is unique-looking, so I think you will be able to narrow it down. Even if you can't find seeds, you can tell if an angiosperm is a monocot or dicot by looking at the leaves and flowers. Grasses are generally monocots. LS

2/9/2015 Great! I can see your google docs now.

1/26/2015 This is a good start. I might re-title something like "Preliminary Characterization of an Ecosystem/Niche" because you did more than start the Hay Infusion. Also don't forget to upload/link to your map. LS

1/30/2015 Very good. You provided thoughtful answers to the questions. Next time, use your own photos or drawings rather than those from the dichotomous key. LS