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Welcome visitor!

This is a place for you to comment, ask or discuss anything about my work.

Feel free to post.


Jason R. Kelly 02:07, 17 January 2008 (CST):

Hi Frederico,

I'm a grad student in drew endy's lab, was taking a look at your repressilator project. You might consider using a different CFP then the one contained in <bbpart>E0422</bbpart>. Unfortunately, the ssrA tag on <bbpart>E0022</bbpart> is LVA and that's stronger than the tag used by Elowitz. It's so strong that you basically get no detectable signal since the FPs get degraded so quickly (even when behind a very strong promoter). I'd recommend going with the same tag as elowitz if you're going to give this a try, or at least a weaker tag than LVA.

Thanks for posting the project up. Also, I saw you're keeping a lab notebook on OWW -- we're rolling out a new lab notebook tool that you might want to try out. you can sign up for the SC mailing list to keep tabs on it:

We'll also post something on the SC blog when it comes out.

good luck, jason