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Your entry was organized well. You need to include what concentration of nicotine was used. It was good that you quantified the movement, but were the numbers you provided an average for a certain number of fish, or did you observe one experimental fish and one control fish? When you say that development was similar, you should list the variables you examined - length, organ development, etc. You also didn't quantify the movement on the last day of observation. LS

3/6/2015 Great! The only thing you should add is if the sample came from the tetracycline plates, and if so are they supposed to be tet-resistant. LS


Vertebrates - This was a good discussion, but you want to make sure that you add the invertebrates, protists and algae into your food web for your lab report. Also make sure to identify which animals you actually observed, or if you found evidence of them, or if you are making assumptions based on what should be living on AU campus. Also check on your sparrow identification - house sparrows are imports from Europe that are actually considered pests. That may well be what you saw, but North American sparrows are in the class Emberizidae. See and

Invert lab - Great! LS

2/15/2015 This was good, but you need to try to identify the Genera of your plants, or at least have an idea of the common name or group. This is where having photos would come in handy. I can look at the transect again, but most likely you have mostly angiosperms. Gymnosperms are going to be things pine trees, cypress, and gingko. Only angiosperms can be monocots or dicots, gymnosperms have "naked seeds" with no cotyledons. LS

2/12/2015 Great, I can see your google docs now. LS

1/30/2015 Overall, very good. However, you transferred 100μL of your Hay infusion, not 10 mL! LS

1/27/2015 Great job on your first post! LS