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Lab Manual Title: "Biological Life at AU" January 26, 2015

Purpose: This lab introduces the concepts of an ecosystem and how abiotic and biotic factors coexist in a specific transect.

Introduction: A transect os a portion within an environment, consisting of both biotic and abiotic factors. This combination of living and non living creates a balanced ecosystem of organisms benefiting from its abiotic resources. Sometimes within an ecosystem the biotic components differ yet they are able to coexist either by benefitting from one another or living side by side.

Procedure: Groups observed their designated niche. The specific transect for our group was categorized as "Tall Bushes". Observations at the sight included a physical sample of both abiotic and biotic features of the environment, such as soil twigs, leaves, and rocks. A quick sketch was useful to refer to when mapping out the regions within the transect. Back in the lab, we created a Hay Infusion Culture of out transect's sample. This used, .1gm of dried milk and 500mL of water. We mixed all of this as well as at least 12g of our sample and then let the mixture sit for 1 week. The mixture will be used in the investigation of biotic factors from the transect.