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Hi David -- Yes, that is very practical and a really great idea (to put up "prep material" before the talk). I will see if I can find a published paper from Jeremy Edwards to post and will think about how to do this for future talks. The problem is that it is hard enough to recruit a speaker, much less get them to send us appropriate material :)

Another thing: One useful thing to do when posting comments on the wiki is to type --~~~~ after your comment. The ~~~~ will be automatically replaced with your name and time of posting The second button from the right at the top of the editing window will do this, I think.

Another thing: I noticed you sent me this message because I changed my preferences to email me when my talk page is updated. You may want to do the same.

Finally: This kind of question would be PERFECT for the discussion forum! That way other students could easily pipe in to second your motion and also it will get things moving on this here wiki! If you want, I can move our posts over there as a start.--Skoch3 22:28, 24 January 2007 (EST)