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  1. go to BioMart
  2. click on BioMart Central Portal
  3. Select database and species:
    2. CHOOSE DATASET: Homo sapiens SNPs
  4. Input list of SNPs to annotate
    1. click on Filters
    2. click on: [+] GENERAL SNP FILTERS:
    3. check box next to "Limit to SNPs with these IDs"
    4. cut and paste your list of SNPs in the text area (start with say 20, one per line as a test),
      1. OR use Browse for selecting _TEXT ONLY_ file containing SNP IDs one per line
  5. top left: click on Count to check that your IDs are recognised
  6. Select fields for output clicking on Attributes

The default colums included in the output are:

  • Reference ID
  • Chromosome name
  • Position on Chromosome (bp)

If by chance any of your SNPs is a gene SNP then selecting: GENE SNP ATTRIBUTES: Ensembl Gene ID