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Notes on genome browsers

Web based

  • Parkhomchuk, Nucl Acids Res,2009

Procedure: viewed # 'S.cerevisiae' and 'whole brain B6' data Notes: Simple web interface, no gene info, no tracks/other annotation. opinion: SKIP

Stand Alone

  • Integrated Genome Browser from BROAD Procedure: Downloaded and executed on bee, followed tutorial IGV User Guifde Notes: good at displaying expression data together with the genome. Multiple tracks available, but judging from tutorial it is not primarily oriented towards multiple contigs/draft assemblies. No possibility of editing annotation

developement driven by internal needs at Broad (SeqAnswers forum developer post) opinion: SKIP for time being

  • IGB and GenoViz (IGB) Procedure: Java Web Start Only (not started yet),

available Arabidopsis annotation data via DAS from their web site

  • GenoViz (GenoViz)

Procedure: downloaded and started version 6.1 from Java based, with a Tablet-like interface. loaded via net arabidopsis database Notes: Pros: can download annotations from remote DAS servers. Sensibly looking screen shots in user manual. ability to load gff and psl files (untested) Cons: managed to freeze whole window while investigating options

opinion: WATCH this space


listed as "EagleView (deprecated)" on developers web site:

  • Tablet

Tablet active developement No tracs, no gene models, no editing Excelent short read viewer supporting multiple formats