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copyright & editability

I noticed your deletion based on wanting copyright and preventing others from editing. On the first note, there is an copyright that requires attribution of taking anything from the site. The attribution could be made by reference to the URI, or you, the only editor of the page.

In terms of preventing others from editing, but We haven't done that because there is no good way to do it. In practical terms, your page has never been edited by another user. In general, by Etiquette, people don't edit pages specific to a person like the one you deleted.

In the future, one of the ways we've decided to deal with the problem of those that want tighter restrictions on who edits material, is to offer an easy to install distribution that integrates easily with OWW. (check out the BDI Grant for more info).

If you have comments or suggestions, check out the Community Portal for more info on the topic. Please add your thoughts and comments if you are interested.

thanks --Sri Kosuri 18:22, 17 July 2006 (EDT)