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Hi there, Chris, and welcome to OpenWetWare! We hope you find it to your liking. Here's a couple links you might find useful:

Also, please be aware that the general naming convention when creating a new page for a lab is Labname:Page name. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on my talk page. Good luck!

Hey Chris,

Just a quick question ... did you intent that Western Blots be a general purpose page on western blots for OpenWetWare or was it to document a Ketner lab protocol? Most people name their lab protocols in the form Ketner:Western Blots rather than Western Blots. That way the page is clearly identified as belonging to your lab. If you did intend it as a general purpose page, I just wanted to point out that there is another page called Western blot. Perhaps we can merge the content of the two pages and make one a redirect to the other so that folks don't get confused about which page to contribute to.


Reshma 20:24, 31 August 2006 (EDT)