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You need to include the concentration of caffeine in the methods section. Obviously you are lacking quite a bit of data in your results section. LS

3/6/2015 Fantastic! LS


Vert lab - Good job. For your food web, earthworms also eat dead organic matter. Write out the Genus names.

Invert lab - Excellent job on the insect identification. Thank you for mentioning which insects you collected in your funnel and what you observed from other sections. Since you have pictures of the insects, you might want to identify them further for the lab report - it might make it easier to see how they fit into the food web. The one on the far left is a springtail. LS

2/17/2015 Hi Courtney, somehow I forgot to leave you comments when I looked at your notebook this weekend. Overall it was good, but as I told April and Musfeq, you need to spend some time on plant identification. All of your plants are angiosperms, and you should be able to narrow down the kinds of grasses you have. Besides the USDA website, this might help: LS

2/6/2015 What you wrote was very good, but you are missing the serial dilution table. You needed to include the number of colonies for each plate and the conversion to colonies/mL. LS

1/30/2015 Your entries are very thorough, and I'm glad that you tried to estimate the number of each organism you saw. You should have measured them using the ocular ruler, though. Also, next time include a hypothesis and prediction for the experiment and then address it in the conclusion. For example, you could have hypothesized about the differences between the two niches in your jar, and written a sentence summary of your results. LS