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Week 2 Feedback

Here is the feedback on your Week 2 Assignment.

  • Thank you for completing the assignment on time.
  • You are writing something in the Summary field about 90% of the time, only a little further to go to reach 100%!
  • You answered almost all of the questions posed in the exercise and had a very good lab notebook.
    • You didn't give the actual counts of red and white offspring for sections A and B.
    • The explanation for why red and white are selected for differently has to do with the dominance and recessiveness of the alleles.
    • Please use leading zeros on your numbers.
  • I note that your purpose and conclusion were more on the "metacognitive" side in the sense that you reported on the process of modeling itself, instead of the scientific details of the particular model you were exploring. For future reference, the purpose and conclusions should refer to the scientific question being asked, while the shared journal response is the place to record your reflection on the learning process. For the scientific question, be as specific as possible.
  • In your Acknowledgments section, please provide a little more detail as to the nature of the collaboration (when, who did what).
  • I note that the link from your User page to the shared journal was missing at the time that this assignment was due, although this has since been remedied.

Kam D. Dahlquist 17:38, 23 September 2016 (EDT)

Week 1 Feedback

Here is the feedback on your Week 1 Assignment. Thank you for completing the bulk of the assignment on time (it is noted that you e-mailed the answers to the questions late, posted a question on my talk page late and also added answers to the shared journal past the deadline). I am not penalizing for late entries for the Week 1 assignment, but will do so starting with Week 2. You may make up the points you missed on this assignment by completing the requested changes by the Week 3 wiki deadline, midnight Tuesday, September 20 (Monday night/Tuesday morning).

  • You completed all of the the items in the assignment, except for the following:
    • Your e-mail address is provide on the page, but it should be linked either with a "mailto" link or a link to e-mail you through OpenWetWare.
    • You wrote something in the Summary field for 56 out of 59 changes, or 95% of the time--keep up the good work--we are aiming at 100% of the time, so you're nearly there.
    • You created a template, but have not invoked it on your page using {{Colin Wikholm}}. In your template, you should make the list of Assignment links, individual journal links, and shared journal links that will be required on every assignment. For example, if you had done this, you would not have missed adding the link to the shared journal from your user page part of the assignment.
    • You can delete all of the auto-text that OpenWetWare placed on your Talk page below my feedback.
  • You raise an interesting point about doing biology for the sake of biology versus doing biology for a human purpose, like curing disease. Would you characterize your peers (other biology majors) to be more like the former or the latter? Is this a difference between professors and students, do you think?

Kam D. Dahlquist 04:08, 13 September 2016 (EDT)