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Dirk 05:08, 21 August 2007 (EDT) Hi Henry, I saw your message on our site (Imperial College). The menu is a template from the openwetware wiki, as far as I know. Here's the code you use to create the tabs:

<div class="tabs-blue">
<li id="current">[[LINK TO YOUR PAGE HERE | TAB NAME]]</li>
<br style="clear:both">

Note two things: The tag <li> </li> adds another tab to the menu, and the tag <li id="current"> </li> highlights (makes it white) the active tab. So what you do is you put this code at the top of every page you are linking to with your tabs, put the pages' addresses inside the [[ ]] brackets, and highlight the current tab (using the tag above) for each page.

Anyways, it all makes more sense when you try it out, so copy and paste away! :) A good tip when using the wiki is that when you find that someone did something cool you want to use yourself, just click on edit and look at the code.

Here's what it looks like for one of our pages: