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Hi Barbara,

First off, all the protocol contributions the Penn State iGEM team have made look great. That's awesome that you are posting them on OWW. I noticed a couple things that I just wanted to mention.

  1. You've been naming your pages like Penn State University 2006:LBplates. FYI, if you name your pages iGEM:PennState/2006/LB plates instead, then you pages will show up on the recent changes list at IGEM. It just helps iGEM teams to check out what each other are doing on OWW. Plus, you can still keep track of all Penn State iGEM changes at Special:Recentchanges/b=IGEM:PennState and all the 2006 team changes at Special:Recentchanges/b=IGEM:PennState/2006. (Since in future years there may be iGEM:PennState/2007 for instance.)
  2. Also at iGEM:PennState, I noticed that you have several "user" pages linked under people but they aren't people's true user pages. For example, your user page is Special:Mypage but off the iGEM:PennState page, you have the page User:Band linked. You may want to use people's real user page because then people can look at the recent changes list and know who is editing the site. Also, I am not sure what would happen should anyone ever actually get a login with username "Band". They might have to overwrite the User:Band page you created.

Anyways, just wanted to give you a heads up. These things aren't a super big deal. But if you want to move some pages around, there are directions at Help:Renaming pages.

Glad to have you all on OWW!

-Reshma 10:41, 27 October 2006 (EDT)