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Your entry was very well-organized and you have good pictures. You need to include the concentration of ehisterone used. You are lacking quantitative data in the results section. When you say there was no difference at day 7, you need to list the variables you actually looked for. This statement then contradicts what you found when you looked at the preserved embryos. If the organs were bigger in the experimental embryos, you need to have measurements to back that up. If you measured the length of embryos or size of organs that data should be included, as well as how many fish you measured. If you measured more than one fish in each condition, you can calculate the mean and standard deviation, and do a t-test. LS

3/6/2015 The entry started out well, but you need to provide more information about the identified bacteria and compare it to the observations you made back in lab 3. Was it from a tet-plate, and is it known to be antibiotic-resistant? Is it gram + or -, and does the cell and colony morphology that is described in the literature match with what you found? LS


Vert lab - Your food web is very nice, but you need to draw the arrows in the other direction (they end at the consumer) - think of it as the direction energy is going. Also, I cannot see your list of animals. Please upload again.

Invert lab - Very good descriptions. You didn't answer the questions about how worm movement related to their body cavity type. LS

2/15/2015 Very nice. For your lab report, you should try to identify the Genus of plants. For grasses, you could try or I'm pretty sure the bushes are rose bushes. The tree will be more difficult without leaves, but you could try looking at some of the other lab sections to see if last spring's transect 5 had any luck. LS

2/6/2015 Great job! You have a head start on your lab report. LS

1/30/2015 Fantastic! I liked your drawings of the serial dilution and the scale drawings of the protists. LS

01/26/2015 This is very nice. Please move the 1/21 entry to the bottom (newest entry should always go on top). Also add a brief description of how you set up the Hay infusion to the methods section. LS