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Steve Koch 23:34, 11 January 2010 (EST): Bummer that it didn't work. I think taking time to get tethering to work really well is worth it before trying the unzipping. I think Larry and I should get Andy's tracking software usable before I leave, and then when I return will have time for tethering and AOMing. Making a plan for a bunch of samples, using no shortcuts and best quality stuff would be good. By no shortcuts, I mean:

  • clean glass (whatever method)
  • sonicated beads, looking good in popping buffer (or better yet, BGB)

Then you can try to achieve milestones such as:

  • very few stuck beads in no DNA sample
  • tons of stuck beads when using lots of DNA (i.e. proving the DNA is good)

If you're worried about something like BGB or popping buffer, you could ask Andy to try some microspheres in his motility solution?