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Steve Koch 23:33, 27 August 2009 (EDT): I don't have any good ideas better than yours, but here is a plan. First, thanks for being on top of this and for being a pioneer in open science. OK here's plan:

  • Make sure all committee members are on board. I'm on board. People are going to be wary of being webcast, just because it's new. You need to be ultra-sensitive to this. I'd propose:
    1. Webcast your planned talk + questions
    2. Field questions from in-person audience + twitter / friendfeed audience
    3. Excuse all audience except core committee and stop webcast.
  • Let committee members know of the above plan, so they know they'll have a chance for private comments
  • Once you have the whole committee on board and the talk scheduled, then post a thoughtful message on friendfeed asking for tech advice.
  • Implement advice, but make sure to keep your actual presentation content as a higher priority than doing fancy technical things.
  • I'd expect more people to watch an archived version of your talk than to actually listen in live. So some of the above stuff is mostly moot. But you need to plan ahead to make a good archived version. J-C's done some archived talks w/ audio & ppt