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Your purpose and methods are well-done, though you need to include the concentration of nicotine that you used. Also, what stage(s) were the embryos when you started the experiment? You did not report much data in your results section. On day 4, how many of the embryos had hatched? You mentioned motility and pigmentation, but did not quantify either. Were all of the experimental fish less motile, or did you examine a proportion of them? How could you tell the organs of the experimental fish were less healthy? Did you measure the length of any of the fish? LS

3/7/2015 Your description of the procedure was good, but you should have had 2 sequences to analyze - I know we had two tubes from your group. Also, make sure to include a reference for the characteristics of the identified species. LS


Plant lab - Overall the background is good and so is the table. You need to do some plant identification, though. The lab manual asks for a genus, and you should be able to figure that out for the cattail and the plants with visible flower/seed structures. You also need a description of how the Berlese funnel was constructed.

Invert lab - You had a lot of soil mites! The only thing missing here was the description of worm movements and how it relates to their body structure. Also, for lab notebooks, you need to include your own photos or drawings to document what you saw instead of the lab manual drawings.

Vert lab - All of the species you observed are in the Phylum Chordata, but you need to provide Genus and species identification for each. Also, you needed to actually diagram the food web. Do the squirrels only eat insects, or do they also eat plants? You are missing a paragraph about ecological concepts. LS


Overall your organization is good and you are hitting the main points, but you are missing details. For lab 1, you needed to include a list of the 5 biotic and 5 abiotic components. You also should describe how the Hay Infusion was made so that someone else could make one based on your instructions. We didn't actually make wet mounts during that lab.

For lab 2, you are missing an explanation for how the serial dilutions were made and spread on the plates. In the results you talk about Chlamydamonas but in the discussion Colpidium.

For lab 3, you needed to describe the method of the Gram stain. Someone should be able to read your notebook and know how to do it. You also needed to include more information for the Bacterial Characterization table. There is a difference between colony description and cell description, and each has a shape. LS