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2/22/2015 Vertebrate lab - You did a good job researching how the animals and plants may interact with each other. For your food web, I think you want to turn the arrows to make them go from the earthworm if the birds are eating them. For your lab report, you also want to consider how the bacteria, protists, and invertebrates are interacting in the food web. LS

2/15/2015 Yay! You are on Open WetWare! Now you need to go to either the TA notebook or the lab blackboard site for directions on uploading images. Even if you don't upload the tables, though, you need to type out the information that should go in them. As I wrote to your lab members, I think it is more likely that you have angiosperms than gymnosperms in your transect, especially if they lost leaves during the winter. Gymnosperms are things like pine trees. Only angiosperms, not gymnosperms, can be monocots or dicots. Gymnosperms have "naked seeds" without cotyledons. LS