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Week 2 Feedback

  • Thank you for submitting your assignment on time. Here is the feedback on your assignment.
  • You wrote something in the summary field for 50 out of 50 saves (100%) since Week 1, which is excellent! Keep up the good work!
  • The purpose that you wrote was more of a "learning" purpose instead of a "scientific" purpose.
    • You wrote: To gain an understanding of the factors at play in real-time pandemic disease modeling. This knowledge will also give some perspective on the real world applicability of bioinformatics.
    • I would revise it to be: To explore the factors that influence the results of a SIR pandemic disease model and apply them to the real-world COVID-19 pandemic.
  • With regard to your questions from the video:
    • Is it possible to communicate the math behind the SIR model in an effort to educate "anti-maskers", or would that require that America's scientific literacy (& hostility) problem be addressed first.
      • What do you think?
    • What sort of immunity do Covid-19 survivors have when they move from "infectious" to "recovered".
      • This is an open question right now. There have been reports of people being infected twice, but we need far more population-level data on this to be certain.
  • You needed to interpret the model results of the initial model before you changed the parameters.
  • Your interpretations of the model graphs after you manipulated the parameters were good.
  • Your explanation of the Giordano et al. (2020) article and XKCD comic were good.
  • Your conclusion needs to also be more specific. Restate in more detail some of the main findings that you made from manipulating the model parameters, not just what they were about.
  • Make sure to acknowledge your partner. If you did not work together, make a statement to that effect.
  • To answer your questions that you posted in the class journal:
    • To what extent are Covid-19 survivors immune to future infection?
      • As I noted above, this is an open question right now.
    • When will a safe vaccine be widely available in The United States?
      • My best guess is that a vaccine will be available sometime in 2021. I don't know how long it will take for it to be widely available for (80% herd immunity).
    • How will the Covid-19 pandemic affect my job prospects after graduation in May 2022.
      • I hope that we will be in recovery at that point. I'm cautiously optimistic.

Kam D. Dahlquist (talk) 23:46, 30 September 2020 (PDT)

Week 1 Feedback

I will be posting the feedback on your weekly assignments on your talk page. You will be able to earn back the points you lost on the Week 1 assignment by making the changes listed below by the Week 3 deadline on 12:01 am, Thursday, September 24. Here is the feedback for Week 1.

  • Thank you for submitting most of your assignment on time; I note that you moved your template link after the deadline had passed.
  • You completed all of the tasks except for the following:
    • You wrote something in the summary field 46 out of 52 saves (88%). That is very good, but remember, we are aiming for 100%.
    • Please include your full name at the top of the page, instead of just the "User:" page name.
    • For your snail mail address, use "Department of Biology" instead of LSB 101 (building and room numbers aren't used on the official postal mail addresses.
    • You need to have three levels of headers, "==", "===", and "====". You are missing the "====" level.
    • Please include a link to your User page on your template.
    • For your list of assignments and class journals on your template, go back and add labels to the links. For example, instead of [[BIOL368/F20:Week 1]], use [[BIOL368/F20:Week 1 | Week 1 Assignment]].
    • Note that there is no Week 13 assignment, so you can remove that link from your list of assignments, individual journal, and class journal links.
    • In your Acknowledgments section, please link your partner's name to his User page
    • Please cite the Denning and Janovy readings in your References section.
    • On the Class Journal, use the "#" sign to make a numbered list. You can nest "#*" to make sub-bullets.
    • Remember to sign your shared journal entry with your wiki signature (4 tildes, ~~~~).
  • We will be taking up some issues of bioethics in this course--I personally like to bridge the divide between the sciences and humanities (and social sciences) in my work and teaching.

Kam D. Dahlquist (talk) 11:29, 17 September 2020 (PDT)