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Hi there,

Welcome to OpenWetWare! I noticed that you are starting a new lab on OpenWetWare. In case you haven't seen it, there is a starting a lab tutorial at Help:Lab that can help with the process.

Also, one thing I wanted to mention is the convention when naming pages belonging to a particular lab is to name the pages in the form GSFL:Students and GSFL:Protocols rather than Students or GSFL Protocols. The reason for this is that then you can take care of a few cool features we have on OpenWetWare. For instance, you can then easily view all the recent changes associated with your lab. For example, check out Special:Recentchanges/Knight for all the Knight lab recent changes. Also you can use the Dewikify function to make a static version of your wiki page. Compare Smolke and

If you do want to rename any existing pages, check out Help:Renaming pages. Or you can leave a note on my talk page.

Thanks and glad to have you on OpenWetWare.