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April 8th


  1. spin down HRP nanoparticles and resuspend pellets
    1. these are the nanoparticles that have already been spun down once
  2. we will then run UV-Vis on the samples
  3. we will analyze the data and compare which nanoparticles have more activity



- After we spun down our HRP nanoparticles for SPIN 2 we added some of the supernatant to OPD and H202
- The color change for this was almost instantaneous
- This was a little weird as the supernatants did not turn as fast the first time we way back when we tested HRP nanoparticles.

  1. Differences between this batch and the other batch
    1. More gold nanoparticles in this batch than previous
    2. This was after second spin
      1. this could mean there was more time for them to fall into solution
      2. The time difference alone between attachment could show that the particles are not staying attached.

- we are doing AA to see if there is gold in the supernatant
- We want to see if the gold nanoparticles made it into the supernatant somehow
- when we did AA before we saw that the gold was in pellet not the sup

- Molar Mass Hemoglobin is 17kDa...I need to add 0.0017g
- Molar mass myoglobin is 65kDa...I need to add 0.0065g