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  • Yuting Zheng
  • ChBE Department of University of Maryland-CP
  • Chem & Nuclear Engr BLDG. 090 RM 2219
  • College Park, MD 20742
  • Email: zhengyt[at]umd[dot]edu
  • Email me through OpenWetWare

I work in the Metabolic Engineering Lab at University of Maryland, College Park, and now work as a graduate assistant for the PhD degree.


Research interests

  1. Metabolic Engineering
  2. Metabolic Flux Analysis
  3. Systems Biology
  4. Gene Regulatory Network

Honors and Awards

  • Best Teaching Assistant award (2010-2011), ChBE Department, University of Maryland, April 2011
  • Best Poster award at ResearchFest in University of Maryland, March 2011
  • Jan and Anneke Sengers Graduate Fellowship, August 2008


Zheng Y, Sriram G (2010) Mathematical modeling: bridging the gap between concept and realization in synthetic biology. Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology article ID 541609, 16 pages. Link

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