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1. Surface display of scFv fusion? Binding to gold?
Glucose Galactose Glucose Galactose
pAu1 N Y N Y

Negative control (pCT-CON)
Positive control (pAu1)
Library (5)

3. Kind of fuzzy here...BSA was included to bind to nonspecific areas, where the specific region of the antibody would outcompete and bind to the areas we wanted. I can't remember if it's protein or gold substrate this is in reference to.


  • DNA origami. By using scaffolds and short "staple sequences", arbitrary two-dimensional shapes can be made. Currently, the size of such designs is limited. If scaffolding techniques could be improved, the possiblity exists for micrometer-scale designs. From Nature [1]
  • Raw fish diet. Researchers have shown that diets rich in taurine can counter the effects of a high-fat diet in mice. The amino acid, common in marine aquatic organisms, is found in high quantities in sushi. Taurine may play a critical role in the continued war on obesity. From Science [2]
  • Genomic proofreading. In both prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms, the "mismatch" repair system checks the output of homologous recombination. Mutations in these genes lead to DNA damage and mutagenesis, culminating in colorectal cancer in humans. Mismatch repair is an area of focus for cancer research. From Molecular Biology [3]
  • Predicting protein function. Using "support vector machines", researchers have developed a classification scheme for determining whether a protein binds to RNA or DNA. These proteins are integral to various control mechanisms. Unfortunately, current reliability is hovers around 80%. From Journal of Scientific Biology [4]
  • BIAS. The overrepresentation of certain sections of sequences has puzzled scientists. For computational modeling, the BIAS method has been created for predicting gene overexpression. BIAS has broad applications, as more than half of all proteins contain biased sequences. From Bioinformatics [5]