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Graduate student

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Unlike solid tumors, leukemia can not be removed by surgery. Therefore, understanding how leukemia initiate and progress on the molecular level is particularly important for developing treatments. I study Myeloproliferative Neoplasms (MPNs), which is a type of blood malignancy caused by overproliferation of blood cells. For my thesis work, I compared the gene expression profiles of MPN patients to healthy controls, identified several genes that are misregulated in patients, and studied their contribution to the development of MPNs. In the past five years, I worked with human and mouse bone marrow samples, performed bone marrow transplantation on mice, and acquired a wide range of bench research skills in molecular and cell biology.

I majored in molecular biology at Purdue University, and graduated with honors in 2006. Besides research, I am a amateur musician (piano), I lead a children's education program for Chicago Cares, I take ballet lessons on regular basis, and I enjoy drawing and yoga. Please msg/email me if you have any questions about the lab or the lab website.


Graduate Student, 03/07 - present

Dr. Jonathan Licht’s lab, Lurie Cancer Center, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL

• Lead investigations on the pathogenesis of MPN using human specimens and mouse models

• Proposed novel hypotheses on leukemia initiation and progression.

• Established collaborations with five laboratories which led to two papers published or in progress.

• Presented research findings at the American Society of Hematology meeting for three consecutive years.

• Analyzed research results using GeneSpring and StatMiner to generate presentation quality figures.

• Innovated and optimized experimental designs with strong trouble shooting and analytical skills

Teaching assistant, 03/08 – 06/08

Graduate level tumor cell biology, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL

• Taught miRNA and cancer section of the class and provide instructional support in classroom

Undergraduate research assistant, 09/03 – 05/06

Dr. Jue Chen’s lab, Purdue University Structural Group, West Lafayette, IN

• Contributed in MalK protein purification, expression and nucleotide binding studies that led to publications in Nature and Science Journal

Intern,05/05 – 09/05

Purdue University Structural Biology Group, West Lafayette, IN

• Conducted an independent investigation on MalK E159Q mutant nucleotide binding that was presented at the Purdue University Research Day

Intern, 05/04 – 09/04

Purdue University Structural Biology Group, West Lafayette, IN

• Cloned West Nile, Yellow Fever, and Japanese Encephalitis virus structural genes

Undergraduate researcher assistant,08/02 – 09/03

Dr. Charles Tseng’s lab, Purdue University Calumet, Hammond, IN

• Assisted establishing a DNA fingerprint database to trace the source of E. coli from environmental samples


• Language: Fluent in Mandarin Chinese

• Molecular Biology: PCR, cloning, western blot, SDS-PAGE, Taqman low-density array

• Cell Biology: cell culture, immunohistochemistry, lenti and retro-viral packaging and infection, flow cytometry

• Animal models: murine bone marrow transplantation, murine bone marrow extraction, colony assay,

• Human samples: hematopoietic stem cell isolation from human bone marrow, differentiation assay, colony assay

• Software: Microsoft Office Suite, Realtime StatMiner, FlowJo, GeneSpring


Malkin Scholar 2009

American Hematology Association Award 2008, 2009

Merck Award for Excellent Student in Biology 2006

Purdue University Undergraduate with Research Honors Presentation and Poster 2006

Dean’s List Student 2002 – 2006

National Dean’s List Student 2002 – 2005

Howard Hughes Internship 2005

Dr. Melven J. Glimcher Fund for Science Scholarship 2004

Purdue Cancer Center Summer Research Grant 2004


My graduate program: IGP

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