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  • Retrieved liquid cultures from the incubator.
  • Pelleted the samples (3 mins @ 16.3k x g).
    • No pellets of KAH201 were produced.
    • KAH182 was successfully pelleted.
  • Next, I followed the established protocol for the Zyppy plasmid prep kit and made plasmids of KAH182.
    • Concentration and purity was also determined.
      • Note there were two samples of KAH182.
  • Since the previously made KAH201 colonies (made on Jan 24, 2013) appear to not be viable, I have also made more KAH201 colonies.
    • Following the established protocol for bacterial transformation.
Sample 260/280 ng/μL
1. KAH182 (Plasmid) 1.758 43.201
2. KAH182 (Plasmid) 7.751 40.434