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Unit of Retinal Neurophysiology

National Eye Institute, National Institute of Health

Research Interests

  • Retinal synapses
  • Retinal circuits
  • Color vision
  • Retinal diseases


  • Wei Li (My friend Adam once said that students won't pick a PI if they can't see his/her face on the website, so here you go: a happy face).
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Talented Postdoctoral Fellow
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Recent Publications

  • DeVries SH, Li W, Saszik SM (2006) Parallel processing in two transmitter microenvironments at the cone photoreceptor synapse. Neuron 50(5):735-748. (cover1)
  • Li W, DeVries SH (2006) Bipolar cell pathways for color and luminance vision in a dichromatic mammalian retina. Nature Neuroscience 9:669-675. (cover2)
  • Li W, DeVries SH (2004) Separate blue and green cone networks in the mammalian retina. Nature Neuroscience 7:751-756. (cover3)


Unit of Retinal Neurophysiology
National Eye Institute
National Institute of Health
7 Memorial Drive, Bldg. 7 Rm. 217
Bethesda, MD 20814
Tel 301.4.96669
Fax 301.496.1759
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