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I am a new member of OpenWetWare!

Contact Info

WANG Zhengyuan (an artistic interpretation)
  • WANG Zhengyuan (王正远)
  • Maryland, USA
  • wangz14 at mail dot nih dot gov

I work in Dr James Taylor's laboratory at NIH. I work on human genomics and genetics using next generation sequencing technology (NGS). We are utilizing this technology in identifying genetic modifiers that impact the clinical courses of human diseases - both Mendelian and complex diseases.

I have gone through training with a dual background in both computer and molecular biology.

My vision: To combine my strengths in computer and biology for a cancer genomics career.

More about me on LinkedIn:王正远/29/151/a61


  • 2010, PhD, Singapore-MIT Alliance
  • 2002, MS, Singapore-MIT Alliance
  • 1999, BS, NPU

Research interests

  1. genomics and genetics
  2. next generation sequencing



Find my list of publications at:

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