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Vivian Hernandez

College: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Undergraduate Degree: Biological Engineering, 2009

Contact Info: vivianh at

M13K07 Phage Genome
Gene Notes Function Ideas
1 contains g11 (same stop). Part of g4. channel inner membrane change so that p8 can't coat phage and p5 only coats it; see phage survival rate
2 contains g10 (same stop) replication + strand increase p2 production & replication rate
3 BamH1 site pilus contacts Tol1A. p3/p6 cap make pilus contact other protein on bacterial pilus
4 different in f1 and fd. part in 1, 11. channel outer (12-14 of them) modify along with p1 and p11 so more channels produced.
5 covers single strd dna, replaced by p8. makes protein/dna complex for packaging more p5 production= more sequestering, less= more single stranded DNA
6 accessory to p3. p3/p6 cap make p6 more surface exposed to allow different binding sites
7 stop overlaps with start g9 blunt end (small) intxn p5 more copies so that more p5 intxn- more packaging
8 start overlaps with stop g9 fully coats phage produce a little less of this and more p7, p9 so that the surface is made up of more of these, allowing more pore starting points
9 start g9 overlaps stop g7. Stop g9 with start g8. blunt end (big) intxn p5 more copies so more p5 intxn-more packaging
10 within g2, share stop regulates # dbl strands, allows + strd accum. change number of copies to see effect on + strand and dbl strand number
11 within g1, share stop channel inner membrane allow channel to allow strand through only when there is a certain concentration of mature phage to be released