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Viji M Draviam PhD.

Postdoctoral associate
Sorger laboratory
Department of Systems Biology
Harvard Medical School
Currently in : Divsion of Biology, MIT


PhD - University of Cambridge, 2002 Dr.Jon Pines Laboratory.
M.S - Tata Institute for Fundamental Research, 1998, Dr. Sudhir Krishna Laboratory.

Research Interests: Microtubule-mediated mechanical movements, Chromosome segregation and aneuploidy, Spindle orientation.

My research goals focus on understanding the molecular principles that govern the microtubule-mediated mechanical movement of chromosomes. Microtubule-mediated movement is central to several biological processes including mitosis, meiosis, cell motility and tissue organisation. I combine high-resolution live-cell imaging with biochemical and molecular biology tools to address this fundamental problem in mammallian cells. I also extensively collaborate with experts from engineering, structural biology, developmental biology. My interdisciplinary approach aims at extending beyond descriptive cell biology and generating a framework for quantitative cell biology.

Current collaborators include:
-Frank Stegmeier, Elledge laboratory, Harvard Medical School
-Ronnie Wei, Harrison laboratory, Harvard University
-Marius Wernig, Jaenisch laboratory, Whitehead Insitute, MIT
-[Bree Aldridge], Sorger and Lauffenberger laboratories, MIT