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1/13/16 Exercise 1 - Examining Biological Life at AU

The 20 by 20 foot transect that my partners and I were assigned is located between the Ward Circle Building and Hurst. Standing on the asphalt walkway facing the side of Ward, the far end of our transect faces NE (see Exercise 1 Picture 1 below). The abiotic features within our transect include a candy wrapper, broken tree branches, dead leaves, cement, and a grate. The biotic features within our transect include clovers, dormant shrubs, acorns, long grass, and short grass. When facing NE (see Exercise 1 Picture 2 below), the far end of the transect is a cement sidewalk with a grate. The rest is compact soil, with a line of dormant shrubs directly in front of the cement. In the soil in the middle are clusters of clovers and patches of short grass. In the soil in the foreground are more clovers and a thicker area of long grass. Scattered throughout are acorns, dead leaves, broken tree branches, and some litter.

Exercise 1 Picture 1 - Compass Coordinates Compass coordinates when viewing transect #1 from the walkway.

Exercise 1 Picture 2 - View of Transect A view of transect #1, facing NE.

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