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I am a new member of OpenWetWare!

Contact Info

Varun Bhaskar K (an artistic interpretation)
  • Varun Bhaskar K
  • MVIT, Bangalore
  1. 2471, 10th main, D Block

2nd stage, Rajajinagar, Bangalore-560010

undergraduate BE(Bachelor of Engineering) biotechnology 2004-2008

Research interests

  1. Interest 1 Have worked on isolating bacteria degrading Azo dyes during my 2nd year of under-grad studies
  2. Interest 2 Worked on understanding the issues of IPR especially in agricultural biotechnology and presented a few papers a state and national level conferences
  1. Interest 3 presently in my 4th and final year, learning to grow crystals and the basics of crystallography at Indian Institute of Science under Prof T.N. Guru Row
  1. Interest 4 simultaneously working on characterizing human hypothetical proteins using in-silico methods

in future would want to learn the methods of molecular modeling and apply them to the process of drug discovery and development