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WikiMark - The bookmarking tool for Wikipedia
Quick instructions

Overview & Instructions

File:Wikimark screenshot.png

WikiMark is a user script that adds bookmarks functionality to Wikipedia, by adding two tabs at the top of your screen, one for adding a WikiMark and one for browsing your marks. Large parts of the script were copied from User:Alex Smotrov's script User:Js/popupBookmarks. This is a very simple script, and it has pretty much no knowledge of what it's doing. This means that it doesn't check for duplicates or what namespace you're in, so any page can be added (as many times as you'd like). It will however check if you're linking a file, in which case it will add a preceding colon to the link, giving you a text link instead of an image (this feature does not work on other language Wikipedias for the moment). You can format the list however you wish, categorise the entries etc, as new entries are always added to the bottom of the page. The links the script generates are located at Special:Mypage/WikiMarks by default. The script will work without any configuring on the user's part, but some aspects of it are configurable. See section "Configuration".

The script has been tested and confirmed to work with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. Internet Explorer, unfortunately, is for the moment incompatible, but having the script in your monobook.js wont cause any problems either. It may work with other javascript enabled browsers. If you try it out with a browser that's not listed here, please let me know the results!

Before using the script, please create Special:Mypage/WikiMarks. You can add whatever you wish to top of the page, new links will always be added to the bottom of the page.

To use this script, you must add a line to the javascript file for your current skin. For most users, this will be the monobook.js file. If you have set a different skin in your preferences, look up the correct filename here, but please do note that WikiMark has not been tested on other skins and may not work.

Edit that page, and add this line:


Alternatively, if you'd like to use the script on some other language Wikipedia, add this instead:

/* WikiMark */
document.write('<script type="text/javascript"' +
  'src="' +

After you've done this, you'll need to bypass your browser cache.

When adding a WikiMark, once you've clicked the tab you should wait until you see a notice at the top of the current page saying "Pagename has been added to your WikiMarks." before you move out of the page or click any other links. This is because it takes a moment (usually some seconds) before the mark is added.

NOTE: If you are using other scripts, such as Twinkle, the placement of the tabs will depend upon the order of the lines in your monobook.js file, unless you manually configure the tabs' locations. If you place the above line before your Twinkle line, the tabs will be to the left of your Twinkle tabs. If you put it after, they will be to the right. If you've enabled Twinkle from "Gadgets" in your preferences, the WikiMark tabs will appear to the right of the Twinkle ones regardless of it's placement in your monobook.js.


There are a couple of configurable options for WikiMark. You can change the options by adding the configuration variables to your monobook.js. The variables, and their default values are:

Variable names & values:                    Comments (you don't need to add these to monobook.js):
WikimarkConfigWikimarksPage = "WikiMarks";  //The page where your WikiMarks will be stored. This will always be in your userspace.
WikimarkConfigListType = "*";               //Whatever you wish to have infront of each link. Usually * or #, but can be anything.
WikimarkConfigViewMenu = "cactions";        //These two variables set in which menu you'd like the WikiMark tabs to appear. Can be different for each tab.
WikimarkConfigAddMenu = "cactions";         //Options: cactions, personal, toolbox, navigation.
WikimarkConfigViewNextTo = "";              //These two variables set the menu item to the left of which you'd like the tab to appear.
WikimarkConfigAddNextTo = "";               //Some examples: watchlist, mycontris, edit. If you don't specify this, tab will appear as the last item.
WikimarkConfigPopup = 0;                    //Set to 1 to get your WikiMarks in a neat box without having to leave your current page.
WikimarkConfigPopShow = 0;                  //These two variables set how the popup is shown/hidden if enabled
WikimarkConfigPopHide = 0;                  //Options: 0 = clicking link, 2 = hovering over, 1 = both
WikimarkConfigKeepSection = 0;              //Change to 1 if you'd like to be able to WikiMark specific sections

In the variables "WikimarkConfigViewMenu", "...AddMenu", "...ViewNextTo", "...AddNextTo" the View and Add part refer to the tabs for viewing your WikiMarks and adding a new one, respectively. The script will default to the settings above if you don't override them in your monobook.js. You only have set the variables you wish to change. Please always remember to have the value in quotes (except for the variables that take a number as the value, which should not be in quotes), and end each line with a semicolon ( ; ). To WikiMark a specific section, first click on the section's name in the table of contents (or manually add it to the URL by adding #section_name), and then WikiMark the page as normally. For an example configuration, if you'd like to have the "wikimark" tab as the last item in the cactions (= content actions) menu, and the link to your wikimarks right next to your watchlist, you could use this configuration:

 WikimarkConfigViewMenu = "personal";
 WikimarkConfigViewNextTo = "watchlist";

Whether the variables or the importScript line is first in your monobook.js doesn't matter. Setting WikimarkConfigPopup to 1 will change the behaviour of the "my wikimarks" link. If set to 0, clicking the link will open your WikiMarks' page normally. Setting it to 1 will show you the page in a neat popup without having to leave the page. You can still access the page via the "page" link located at the bottom of the popup. You may wish to consider adding __NOTOC__ and/or __NOEDITSECTION__ magic words to the top of the page to prevent the page from showing the table of contents and/or section edit links, respectively. The popup functionality was copied from User:Js/popupBookmarks.

Bug reports

Please report any questions/comments/bugs to the talk page of this page.


Want a userbox? Try {{User:Twinzor/WMBox}}.
I WikiMark my favourite pages on Wikipedia!


Q: What browsers does it work with?
A: The script has been confirmed to work in Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. It does not work in IE.

Q: Where are the marks located in my userspace?
A: They are located at /WikiMarks in your userspace by default, thus if your username is "Example", they will be at User:Example/WikiMarks (Special:Mypage/WikiMarks)

Q: I see a small box briefly pops up in the lower left corner of my browser when adding a WikiMark. What's that?
A: It's an iframe the script uses to add the mark on your WikiMarks page without having to leave your current page.

Q: Is it possible to change the page where my WikiMarks are saved, or the location of the WikiMark tabs?
A: It is. See section "Configuration".

Q: Is it possible to hide my WikiMarks from showing to everybody?
A: No. Use your browsers bookmarks if you're worried about privacy.

Q: It doesn't work! :( What do I do?
A: First read this whole page, and double check you've followed all the instructions and have a compatible browser. If it still doesn't work, post a bug report on the talk page. When posting a bug report, please try to be as descriptive as possible, and include what browser (and what version of it) you're using.

Q: I'm new to Wikipedia and these instructions are confusing. Can anyone help me set this up?
A: User:Twinzor would be happy to help if you drop a line on his talk page. :)

This script was compiled by User:Twinzor on the English Wikipedia mostly from code snippets from other user scripts, January 10, 2009. Large parts copied from User:Js/popupBookmarks.