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9-hydroxyrisperidone degradation and racemization

From PLP substrate: The road to PMP

  1. Goal: Transamination of 9-OH to inactivated PLP racemase
  2. Method: Racemization of optically-active metabolite to produce pyridoxal phosphate as a Schiff base/intermediate to PMP.
  3. Notebooks:
    1. Part 1: PLP biosynthesis from 9-hydroxyrisperidone metabolite
  4. CYP2D6: Metabolite degradation, liver enzymes (NADPH?),
    2. Establish role of Aldehyde oxidase in paliperidone metabolite degradation
  5. ATP hydrolysis:
    1. Enzyme assisted metabolite racemization (serine racemase): Uniprot
      1. Note: "Allosterically activated by magnesium, and possibly also other divalent metal cations. Allosterically activated by ATP, ADP or GTP. Competitively inhibited by malonate.")
  6. keywords: TCA

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