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  • Molecular Formula : CHCl3
  • Common synonyms includes: chloroform, methane trichloride, methyl trichloride, etc..


  • Refrigerant, organic reagent for DNA synthesis (forming a cyclopropane derivative), and common anesthetic...


  • As a Potassium (K+) channel inducer: Breathing elevated levels of chloroform (>0.6ppm) may be hazardous to people taking Potassium channel blockers (PCBs) as medicamentation for birth control, leading to a physiological condition known as hyperkalemia. Ref

Toxicity review of chloroform

  • "Based on its gas-phase reactivity with hydroxyl radicals, chloroform has an atmospheric lifetime estimated to range from 150 to 230 days." 1

See also

  • Potassium channel blockers
  • DCM -- CH2Cl2
  • Drospirenone -- A potential PCB (sold as Yazmin) !