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April 30 2012

  • This is a memo update about the current situation in Montreal, Quebec.
  • Multiple (min 4, max ?) highly suspicious aerosol-based injections is being reported this morning over busy population and clear sky.
  • Sky condition: clear
  • Temperature: 3°C
  • Relative humidity (rH): 65%


Reporting another day of multiple aerosol based injections from rogue aircrafts over unaware and defenseless population in Montreal.


Based on current nanotechnology research, ultrasonic aerosol injection devices may currently implement targeted nanoparticle delivery technology and applications for commercial purposes. [XX]

Moreover, commercial/research patents related for cancer therapy are blooming to market highly profitable ($$$) aerosol-based mediums to carry pharmaceutical-grade nanoparticles.

In particular silicon-based nanoparticles can be developed to target specific human related protein-coding genes such as CYP3A4 gene through epithelial cells transduction and perhaps phosphorylation of ATP during photosynthesis... [XX]

In another study, EGFR mediated drug delivery (bioconjugated) carriers (nanoparticles) were developed to target specific human genes from chemotherapy-based activation and orthogonal protein assembly (ligation) using silicon-based nanodevices to deliver paclitaxel/doxorubicin like drugs to cells, thus inducing cell-specific cytotoxicity through a oxidative phosphorylation signaling cascade. (ATPase and probably a enzymatic toll-like catalytic triad.) [XX]

Therefore whether the human genome is under threat by theses so-called engineered aerosols depends perhaps on how you perceive "experimental design" as a researcher and scientific and how deep we've sunken into...



chemotherapy, nanoparticles, aerosols, cancer therapy, EGFR, epithelial cells, paclitaxel, doxorubicin, phosphorylation