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Chemtrails as engineered aerosols for targeted drug delivery using fat-soluble nanoparticles?

  • "Etienne Robillard 08:38, 24 April 2012 (EDT)": Commenting on the size of the observed rain particles in Montreal, such "rain-like" particles may be small enough to act as nano-scale drug carriers for targeted drug delivery, however they may not be big enough to be delivered without artificial mecanisms (ie: ultrasonic pulverisation) using engineered aerosols.
  • Chemtrails as a eugenic platform for cancer therapy ?
  • differential cell reprogramming assisted with silicon nanoparticles ? (targeted drug delivery)
  • EGFR
  • breast cancer limphoma = robot ?
  • EGFR + ATPase = EGFR-dependent mutagenesis ?
  • how does cancer therapy can be programmed using silicon nanoparticles?
  • smart dust ? (Si)
  • chemotherapy induced biosensors ?
  • paclitaxel == $$$ ?
  • Google up "Liposome-encapsulated silica nanoparticles conjugated to human serum albumin protein"
  • organic pesticide induced oxidative stress ?
  • probable DNA damage resulting from chemotherapy induced activation of EGFR path way?