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Genetic drifts and acquisition primer for newbies

Clear day chem-trails operations continues as around 4hpm I saw yet another plane doing his thing in plain sight... WTF

Synthetic biology a important factor?

I'm thus starting to consider the strategy of doing theses biological experiments during daytime over civilian populations is certainly a factor for the elites in their strategy for further modifying the human genotype with genetically-modified viruses and "nano-sized virus-like particles" over an extended period of time, unless significant evidences could prove otherwise the innocuity of such lab-made particles to the human genome. (research)

DNA viruses engineering not to be taken lightly (i guess)..

DNA viruses (the so-called chassis) could therefore have a role to play in such mass gene-therapy scenarios which seem straight inspired from Hollywood movie, where civilians are held in hostage like situations, with cognitive dissonance, disinformation, and nothing to stop (the elites) from spraying more. (research)

The other day we had no such experiments and the sky was clear, however we have to realize that theses dual-purposes researchs sometimes splice at the molecular level without much resistance per se at the cellular level.. :-) (research)