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A jolie passage

  • Calcium chloride (CaCl2) != potassium chloride [Ca2+]
  • potassium chloride = food additive
  • potassium chloride = KCl (anhydrous) [Cl-]
  • KCl (-) mediated CREB1 gene expression: ($35.95)
  • Keywords: CREB1, NMDA, potassium chloride, CaM kinase, striatal neurons, dizocilpine (Ketamine), Serine (phosphorylation), orthogonal phenolic methylamide enolates, active methylenes enolates, metal-bound complexes, -rC=NOH, carbenes (NHC), 4-methylimidazole derivatives (4-Mel, 4-methoxy (4-met), N-benzyl methylamine, pyridineN-methyl acylamino pyridine), Ethanolamine
  • See also: NMDA dependent cell adhesion (aka the Wnt (Calcium Binding) pathway), Shikimate pathway

4-methylamino carboxilic protection: Fast and versatile conversion of C-(2-phenyl-cyclohexyl) methylamide esters in presence of a nucleophilic Schiff base (reduktiv)

  1. PMB
  2. 4-Dialkylaminopyridines as Highly Active Acylation Catalysts. (New synthetic method)
  3. Significant papers (Topic: microwave induced methylphenidate HCl synthesis)
    1. C-(2-Phenyl-Cyclohexyl)-Methylamine Compounds for the Treatment of Anxiety Disorders
  4. Keywords: tau protein hyperphosphorylation, Alzheimer Disease, MK-801

Orthogonal serine/threonine-specific GSK3 inhibitors


  • Désactivation sélective du récepteur NMDAR1 (Ser133?)
    • Note: Ser133 ? (NMDAR1): un récepteur critique à la formation de la protéine beta-amyloid (APP) 4 d'après de récentes études à ce sujet. [2]


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All Medline abstracts: PubMed | HubMed

Did you know ?

“Whenever the will to power falls off in any way, there will also be physiological decline, decadence. And when the most masculine virtues and drives have been chopped off the god of decadence, he will necessarily turn into a god of the physiologically retrograde, the weak.” – Friedrich Nietzsche - Link