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Timothy G. Johnstone (an artistic interpretation)
  • Timothy G. Johnstone
  • Giraldez Lab, Yale University


I hold a B.S. in Computational Biology from Brown University (2008-2012), where I led the CYRENE cis-regulatory annotation team in the lab of Sorin Istrail. My undergraduate research focused on transcriptional regulation, synthetic biology (iGEM), and gene regulatory networks. I entered the BBS graduate program at Yale University in 2012 and joined the Giraldez Lab in May 2013, where I am investigating translation and translational regulation during zebrafish development using a combination of molecular, genetic, and computational biology approaches. My ongoing goal is to supplement biological knowledge and practice with an understanding of the complex informatics required to reach conclusions at a higher level. When I’m not doing research, I enjoy bicycling, backpacking, digital music/art, cooking, and DIY electronics.


  • 2012, BS Computational Biology, Brown University
  • 2018 (expected), Ph.D. Genetics, Yale University

Research interests

Genetics, Computational Biology, Molecular Biology, Gene Regulation, Translational Control


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  2. Bazzini AA, Johnstone TG, Christiano R, Mackowiak SD, Obermayer B, Fleming ES, Vejnar CE, Lee MT, Rajewsky N, Walther TC, and Giraldez AJ. Identification of small ORFs in vertebrates using ribosome footprinting and evolutionary conservation. EMBO J. 2014 May 2;33(9):981-93. DOI:10.1002/embj.201488411 | PubMed ID:24705786 | HubMed [Paper2]

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