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Bookmarks for INRA, CIRAD, SupAgro, and more

  • I have been hired by the INRA, in the department "Plant biology and breeding" (BAP in French), but the laboratory in which I am working, AGAP, depends on several research institutes: INRA, CIRAD and SupAgro. The primary goal of such an institutional organization is to build a lab to "encompass a wide range of skills and be a leading platform for applied plant biology and genetics", which is a good endevaour. However, on a daily basis, this is particularly challenging as information is scattered around, and each person needs its own access rights to the tools used by each institute. This web page hence aims at providing a list of links to navigate easily among all sources of information.
  • Computing platforms: especially high performance computing resources (HPC, that is computer clusters)
    • URGI: web site, get account (need fixed IP or not, then ssh -Y, support (
    • SouthGreen: web site, get account (need VPN: ./forticlientsslvpn_cli --server --vpnuser timothee.flutre, and then ssh -Y, support, use qlogin -q bigmem.q to get X11 forwarding from compute nodes, gitlab, RStudio
    • Migale: web site, get account (then ssh -Y, support (
    • GenOuest: web site, get account (ssh -Y, support (