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Contact Info

Thomas Burdyny

I work in the Sinton Lab at the University of Toronto and we created an account on OpenWetWare as a means to pass on our lab protocols to other researchers.


  • 2017 (expected), PhD, University of Toronto
  • 2012, MASc in Mechanical Engineering, University of Victoria
  • 2010, BEng in Mechanical Engineering, University of Victoria

Research interests

  1. Energy Resources and Infrastructure
  2. Photocatalytic Micro-structures
  3. Magnetic Refrigeration


  1. AMR thermodynamics: Semi-analytic modeling. Cryogenics, (w/ DS. Arnold and A. Rowe) (2014) Paper Link
  2. Performance modeling of AMR refrigerators. Int. J. Ref., 37, p.51-62 (w/ A. Rowe) (2013) Paper Link
  3. Simplified modeling of active magnetic regenerators. Int. J. Ref., 36, p.932-940 (w/ A. Rowe) (2013) Paper Link
  4. Hybrid membrane/cryogenic separation of oxygen from air for use in the oxy-fuel process. Energy, 35, p.1884-1897 (w/ H. Struchtrup) (2010) Paper Link