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Simulating Images

Since last I posted koch and i decided to redo the simulation of images by placing airy discs in spots. For more in depth see Mind Map from User:TheLarry/Notebook/Larrys Notebook/2010/02/13. Anyways first job is to throw those Airy Discs down. And control their centers. This was a bit more annoying than I wanted since the airy disc will have a maximum at (0,0) but the (0,0) on the image is in the top left corner. So i just needed to move things around for it to work. Anyways, I got it going and i'll post some images below to show.

Here is 1 Airy Disc
Here are 2 overlapping Airy Discs

These aren't normalized yet. So that would be my next step. To normalize this image. I just don't know if I am normalizing this image or normalizing each Airy Disc and then put it into the image. So if there are three airy discs the image intensity would add up to 3. If I normalized this image no matter how many airy discs there are it will add up to 1. Either one will follow the same steps so i am just gonna write a that will normalize a 2-d array with the intensity and figure it out later.

I don't know if i am just not thinking correctly, but i am having a hard time programming something that can integrate in 2 dimensions. I looked it up online and there is the idea of Monte Carlo Integration which i'll look into. Other than that people say the same thing i thought and just do 1 dimension at a time but i am still having a hard time visualizing it. I might have to think about this and finish it tomorrow.

SJK 11:49, 27 February 2010 (EST)
11:49, 27 February 2010 (EST)
Looks very cool. Haven't caught up enough yet to know what your question is regarding integration.