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I have up and running my prototype for an automated tracking software. There are still a couple of hiccups but it is working pretty well. It doesn't work perfectly, and I am getting frustrated with it right now, but i'll get it in time. I have only been working on this today anyways. I just don't know how much longer i can work on this without smashing something.

I might be able to fix the problem of bad points with the resampling we do in the actual tracking software. Probably not a bad idea to use that.

HAHAH i think that resampling did fix my hiccup. I think i am rocking and rolling now. I wanna increase the minimum object pixel size when i restart it. Ahh i might as well restart it now.

It's slow right now, but i am not worried about that. First i can speed it up in time with some work. Secondly it is designed to run over night so hopefully that won't be much of a problem if it is a bit slow.

Increase the minimum object size to like 200 pixels should be good. Also if i want to make this faster i can turn all the sub.vis into sub routines. That would be a pain in the ass as i'd have to turn every single .vi i use into a subroutine. And that is just no fun to do. Also i can take out all the images and updates since this should be a stripped down version.

I still might have a problem if a microtubule continues after i cut off the tracking earlier. I tried to do away with this but might be a problem. I need to think of a good way to handle this. I can probably do that tomorrow.

I think i need a better way to get tracking to automatically shut off. I gotta think about that as well.

OH yeah. Koch if you are reading this i can't remote desktop with my new computer. Can you take a look at it when i bring it in again? SJK 20:35, 1 February 2010 (EST)
20:35, 1 February 2010 (EST)
Yup, I can look at it!