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Changes for Andy

I made a compression .vi that loads an .avi then makes a new .avi with a compression on it. the original .avi is left unchanged. this is right now located in my documents named Compressing

I also added a new option to the live i made a while ago. This allows the user to set the number of frames they/he want to record in a row. I haven't tested this yet because the computer in this room that the camera is hooked up to isn't connected to the server and i don't have the energy to fuck with it. Andy always seems to get it working anyway so i don't wanna fuck with it and perhaps make it worse. Anyways, i saved this .vi under a new name. It is in the same folder as the older version, but now this new guy has a name like larry's second attempt at live feed 2 blah balh with total frame (or something like that). anyways i think it should work but there are always bugs so i wish i could test it, but i'll take a look at it when andy is here with me.

I appreciate the change from reading papers and writing to do this. (Steve Koch 00:41, 1 November 2009 (EDT):Glad you got a break, and thanks for doing this!)